120KVA DT Series IGBT Rectifer 3 Phase UPS External Battery Type
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120KVA DT Series IGBT Rectifer 3 Phase UPS External Battery Type

Dual DSP, True IGBT Rectifier 3 Phase UPS

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Dual DSP, True IGBT Rectifier 3 Phase UPS

1. System Introduction

DT-Series is a true full digitized IGBT rectifier double conversion online UPS. It has parallel redundant features. With THDI≤4%, output power factor 0.9, and overall efficiency AC~AC up to 93% , DT-Series can be defined as a high reliability and efficiency green power. It also integrates friendly user communication interface and remote-control system, which is ideal for medium to large data centers, precision equipment, and Telecomm industry. 

2. System Features

2.1 High Performance Index

◆ Advanced IGBT Rectifier and HF PFC Technology. Input THDI≤4%, Input Power Factor≥0.99 to save more energy.
◆ DT Series adapts the 5th generation IGBT Inverter control technology to enhance the output voltage/current performance. Online 3 Phase input and 3 Phase output double conversion structure to adapt 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz Mains Grid Supply Systems.
◆ Output Power Factor 0.9 to carry 12.5% load capacities than traditional UPS.
◆ Wide Input Voltage Range 380V (-45% to +25%) or 210-475 Vac with 50/60Hz ±5% Frequency Range.High adaptive capacity and Generator Capability.
◆ Overall Efficiency upto 96%. Can reach to 98% on ECO Mode.
◆ Powerful overload ability with output short circuit protection technology: 110%-120% overloads for 10 minutes.125%-150% for 1 minute.
◆ Full-Digitized Non-master slave equalized current control parallel redundancy technology. Parallel upto 8 Units
◆ Shared Common Battery Banks under parallel operational Mode to save user investments.
◆ Intelligent battery management to extend battery life.
◆ Dual DSP control to correct charging parameters, which provides optimized charging solutions based on operational mode, such as float charge or equalized charge. This extend battery lifetime.
◆ Flexible Battery Configuration. It can be set on the front panel with 28/30/32 Units of Batteries.
◆ Self-Evaluation and auto periodical discharge settings to activate non-use batteries.
◆ Intuitive and user friendly 7 inch LCD color touch screen to simplified user operations
◆ Powerful Communication Ports: SNMP adapter, RS232/485, Battery Data Port, EPO, Parallel Port.
◆ Intelligent Cooling system and multi-level protection design to ensure UPS operation under all circumstances.

2.2 Safe and Reliable

◆ DT Series adapts dual DSP technology to control UPS all kinds of power function processes in order to increase system reliability.
◆ Flexible Single or Dual Utility Power Input to comprehensively protect load devices.
◆ Self-Evaluation and Alarm of Phase Misconnection or Lost.
◆ Front Modular Maintenance Design. MTBF can be upto 300K Hours.
◆ 90% of system components are from international famous brands. All devices will be aged and fully tested for at least 24 hours before leaving the factory.

3. Rich Optional Accessories

DT-Series rear panel provides flexible monitoring ports and accessories, such as SNMP Card (Optional), and parallel communication signal port, battery data port, EPO emergency shutdown port, and standard RS232 port.

4. Application Type
DT Series is designed for small and medium important equipment/application systems, such as SME data exchange centers, communication equipment industry, and precision instruments.



Host Machine Specification

UPS Structure
Online Double Conversion
Type High Frequency IGBT Rectifier
Overall Efficiency (AC - AC)
Noise (In 2 meters)
Working Temperature
-10 to 40℃
Storage Temperature
-25 to 60℃ (Without Battery)
<95% Non-Condensing
IEC 62040-1, IEC 62040-2, IEC 62040-3
Parallel Redundancy
upto 8 units
Overload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
DC Start
Generator Compatibility
7 Inch LCD Color Touch Screen(multi-language)+LED Indicators
Cabinet Standard
IP 20
Cooling System
Intelligent Speed Control Cooling Fan
<1500M, Without Derated

Rectifier Specification

Input Voltage
380Vac + N + W, 3 Phase
Input Voltage Range
Input Frequency Range
50 ± Hz 5%
> 20 Seconds
Input Power Factor 0.99
THDI <3.5%
Input Current 230A

Output Specification

Output Nominal Voltage
Line Voltage: 380/400/415×(1±1%)AC or Phase Voltage: 220/230/240×(1±1%)AC
Output PF
Output Voltage Regulation
380Vac±1%(Static Load)
380Vac±2%(50-0% Sudden Change)
380Vac±3%(100-0% Sudden Change)

Output Frequency
±8% at 50Hz: Online Mode tracking input and bypass frequency
±0.1%: when input or bypass frequency is more than ±8% or under BAT Mode
< 1%(Linear Full Load),< 3%(Non-Linear Full Load)
3 Phase Unbalanced 100% Allowed 3 Phase Unbalanced
Output Volt Unbalanced Degree
≤1°(Balanced Load)
Input/Output Phase Swift
≤1°(Balanced Load)
Frequency Tracking Range
Output Waveform
Pure Sine Wave
<120%: 10 Mins
<150%: More than 1 Min
> 150%: More than 300ms
Crest Ratio
Circuit Auto Protection,Output Voltage/Current 0, Bypass Switch Tripping
Output Abnormal
INV. Output Auto-Locked Protection

Bypass Specification

Static Bypass Transfer Time
0 ms
Static Bypass Range
Frequency Range
±1Hz, ±2Hz, ±3Hz Adjustable
Bypass -> INV Transfer Time
Frequency Tracking Speed
Manual Maintenance Bypass
Available (Standard)

Battery Specification

Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Model Rated Volts/Units
±168Vdc(28 Units), ±180Vdc(30 Units), ±192Vdc(32 Units)
BAT Low Protection
Shutdown Protection

Communication Specification

Communication Port
Rs232 (Std.);/SNMP/RS485/ Dry Contact
Remote Software
Multi-functional Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control

Physical Parameters

Std. Size mm(W×D×H)
Std. Net Weight Kg

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