1KVA BH-X Series HF Online 1/1 Phase with External Battery
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1KVA BH-X Series HF Online 1/1 Phase with External Battery

Full Digital Controlled HF Online UPS

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Full Digital Controlled HF Online UPS

1. System Introduction

BH-X Series is a double conversion 1 Phase In/1 Phase Out, pure online new generation UPS with MCU design and has been integrated with an intelligent digitized management process. It has been designed for mainstream double conversion system feature, and manufactured with advanced SMT international standard, which provide outstanding stability and reliability. This high-frequency switching power technology will bring UPS developments into the next level.


2. Main Features

2.1 High Performance Index

BH-X Series uses latest high frequency switching power supply rectifier and MCU technology to comprehensively control input PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit. It leads input power factor up to 0.98, input THDI≤7%

Wide Input Range from 160~300Vac on full load (100% Load, If Load is below 50%, it can be reached even equal or lower than 115Vac). This greatly reduces the frequency of battery use, and extends battery life time.

BH-X Series adopts the fifth generation IGBT technology to achieve non-linear load correction and high overall efficiency up to 90%. Online Single Phase Input/Output double conversion structure to adapt 220/230/240V and 50/60 Hz Mains Grid Supply Systems.

Powerful overload ability with output short circuit protection technology:  1-3 KVA: 120% overloads for 1 minute. 150% for 60ms transfer to bypass and alarm. 6-10KVA: 105-130% overload for 10 minutes, >130% overload for 60ms.  

Generator capability to lower down user’s costs. 

BH-X Series has dual LCD and LED display panels, which comprehensively and intuitively reflect the state of power system statuses, parameters, and other information. Users can modify and operate based on individual needs on these friendly displays.

BH-X Series has another 19’’ inch Rack Mount structure design. It can be compatible with standard communication cabinet to greatly save data room space


2.2 Safe and Reliable

BH-X Series adapts MCU technology to control UPS all kinds of power function processes in order to increase system reliability.

BH-X Series adapts sensitive peak current protection circuit design to protect the system from damages due to short-circuit, cold load impacts.

 90% of system components are from international famous brands. All devices has been aged and fully tested for at least 24 hours before leaving the factory.


3.Rich Optional Accessories

BH-X Series can use SNMP Network Adapter, RS485/Dry Contact, USB port to build up a LAN or WLAN remote control and monitoring system.


4. Application Type

BH-X Series is designed for small and medium important equipment/application systems, such as SME data exchange centers, communication equipment industry, and precision instruments.


5. Technology Points

  • Full-Digitized MCU Control to enhance system integration and reliability.

  • Wide Input Voltage and frequency range to increase the high capability to utility power grid.

  • Advanced Battery Management System to extend battery lifetime.

  • High Loads Compatibility and Output Overload Ability to ensure safety

  • Intuitive LCD display panels, which comprehensively and intuitively reflect the state of power system statuses, parameters, and other information. 


1KVA/0.8KW (0.9KW)

Host Machine Specification

UPS Structure
Double Conversion High Frequency Online
Tower or Rack-Mount Type
Overall Efficiency (AC-AC )
> 91%
Noise(In 2 meters)
< 50dB
Working Temp -20 to 55℃
Storage Temp
-15 ~ 60℃(Without BATs)
< 95% Non Condensing
Safety Standard
EMC Standard
EN 62040-1/2
Overload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
Parallel Redundancy
Generator Compatibility Available
DC Start  Available
Manual Maintenance Bypass  None
Display  LCD/LED: UPS Status, INV Status, Bypass Status, BAT Status, BAT %, Load %, Fault Messages
Alarm  Auto

Rectifier Specification

Input Voltage Range
100% Load:160~300Vac,50% Load:115~300Vac
Input Frequency Range
45-65Hz(Auto Tracking)
Input PF

Output Specification

Output Voltage
Output PF
0.8/0.9 (Optional)
Output Voltage Regulation
220Vac±1%(Static Load);220Vac±2%(50-0% Sudden Change);220Vac±3%(100-0% Sudden Change)
Output Freq.(Online Mode)
When 46Hz ≤Input Freq.≤ 54Hz,Input Freq.=Output Freq.;When Input Freq.54Hz, Locked at 50Hz
Output Freq. (BAT Mode)
50Hz± 0.2%
Output Waveform
Pure Sine wave
< 1%(Linear Full Load),< 3%(100% Non-Linear Load)
> 105%: More than 30 seconds
> 130%: 200 ms transfer to bypass
Crest Ratio
> 91%
Circuit Auto Protection, Output Voltage/Current 0
Output Abnormal
INV Output Auto-Locked Protection
Noise Suppression
EMI/RFI Wave filter
Shutdown Protection
Dynamic Response
3% at full load,recovering in 20ms
Software Control

Bypass Specification

Static Bypass Transfer Time
Static Bypass Range
80Vac± 5%~285Vac±5%
Bypass -> INV Transfer Time

Battery Specification

Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Ext. Model Rate Volts/Units
Ext. Model Charging Current
4A, Optional to add 1 more charger

Communication Specification

Communication Port
Rs232 (Std.);/SNMP/RS485/ Dry Contact (Optional Accessory)
Remote Software
Multi-functional Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control

Physical Parameters

Tower Size mm(D×W×H)
Net Weight Kg