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UPS Never Been That Easy

High Reliability
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High Expansion
Cloud Server Data Storage

Jeidar UPS choose every single component carefully among international well-known suppliers such as Schneider, Delta, Sanyo Denki, Yuasa, Fujitsu, Infineon, and etc. This can ensure we never compromise on quality by selecting cheaper components.

Jeidar promises all customer that all request and email will be initially answered in 24 hours. We have customer service team 24/7 to provide best service to our customer.

Your Satisfaction. Our Motivation.

Jeidar all UPS Series have own intellectual properties such as embedded software, schematic diagram, designing documents and so on. Thus, Jeidar UPS can be easily to be customized cased by case. Feature expansion can be added to all series.

Jeidar has cooperated with many service provider globally such as Vodafone, T-mobile, AT&T, China Mobile, Telstra, Aliyun, O2 and etc. By using Jeidar cloud monitoring systems, users can save UPS or related equipment data on cloud servers.